Why Furniture Restoration is a Better Option Over Buying New

Furniture is the silent and often unappreciated part of our lives. Most people take furniture for granted. They take for granted how the furniture offers rest to friends and family alike. They take for granted how the styles of the pieces of furniture can bring a room to life.

Most importantly though, the one thing that people take for granted is how furniture journeys with us through time and soaks up memories like a sponge. And in those rare moments, nostalgia seeps through the cracks of our lives and fills us with joy, hope, happiness.

It brings back what is important in our lives.

Unfortunately though, no one and no thing is impervious to the gradual whittling away that time brings. Even furniture.

The good news though is that we have a way to keep furniture going. It is via furniture restoration.

On Buying New Furniture

On Buying New Furniture

When a piece of furniture breaks down in the household or office, chances are that the first thing that comes to mind is the purchase of new furniture. This is definitely one viable option.

If you buy a new piece of furniture, sure you get a fresh new look. You get your choice of a new design, and most conveniently, the comfort that you have a piece of furniture that isn’t broken, like the one you are replacing.

However, the ease of buying new furniture is offset by several cons. For starters, you can be sure that purchasing new furniture will inevitably cost more money than restoring furniture.

Apart from that, buying new furniture in today’s day and age will not give you the same quality and durability that pieces back in the day had.

These are only a few reasons why restoring furniture is better than buying.

On Restoring Furniture

There are many benefits to choosing furniture restoration over buying new pieces.

A New Style

Even if your piece of furniture has a couple decades on it or more, there is no reason why you couldn’t restore to its former glory. Better yet, bestow it with a new style and look that will make it feel like new glory is on the new horizon.

If you choose to restore a piece of furniture, you can easily make it look fresh and new once more. You could just choose to repair a selected part. However, you can also choose to fix the furniture and select a new style for it.

Vintage, modern, and whatever other styles you would like for your furniture to go with the look and feel of your room or house is possible when restoring a piece of furniture.

An example is if you have a piece of wooden furniture. Just because all the pieces of furniture are wood doesn’t mean that they will match one another. Restoration though can make it all match and make your room exude a certain sense of style and character.

The best part about it is that even though you may choose to bestow a new style on your furniture, you may still opt to keep certain aspects that are either important to you or that make your furniture special to you.

Saving on Cost

As mentioned earlier, furniture restoration costs significantly less than buying a new piece of furniture.

The math adds up. Buying one whole sofa is definitely more expensive than just restoring one leg of the sofa. And who doesn’t want to save some money, right?

More money in the pocket means that you’ll have some extra money for many other things. Chief among them would be for applying new styles to your furniture.

Doing Right by the Environment

Another great thing about furniture restoration is that it is the more environmentally friendly decision. Choosing to restore your furniture is a choice towards protecting the environment.

This isn’t just a statement though. It is based on scientific research. Studies have shown that furniture restoration reduces one’s carbon footprint. If you decide to purchase furniture though, you’ll be releasing at least a thousand times more carbon than if you choose to restore.

Apart from that, you can just think about everything that goes into creating furniture. These include things like energy used, materials collected, trees cut down, and so much more.

Doing Right by the Environment

Older is Better

There is a reason why furniture passed down through generations actually survives several generations. This is because of the craftsmanship, durability, and quality of old furniture as opposed to newer pieces of furniture.

The process for making furniture has changed throughout the years. Back then, the best quality of materials were used. Add to that great upholstery techniques and an even better finish make it something that endures through the years.

It is best to take advantage of these qualities from your older pieces of furniture by restoring any damages to it.

Keep the Memories Alive

The final benefit to restoring your furniture is that you get to keep the memories alive. As the years go by, the furniture acts like hubs for many moments – whether with our family or friends – to take place.

Every time we snuggle up on a couch to watch a Netflix movie, take a nap on it, talk to those we hold dear on it, it is a memory that seeps into the materials of our furniture.

The best thing about restoring our furniture is that we not only preserve the furniture, we also preserve the memories in them.

Moreover, restoring furniture means that you can hand down those pieces of furniture to the future generation, thereby keeping the memories alive and giving it more time so that more memories can be collected.

Choose Restoration Over Buying

We hope that the reasons mentioned above have convinced you to restore your furniture instead of buying new ones.

Remember, apart from the cost, the style, and the protection to the environment, the most important thing about furniture restoration is that you get to save the important moments and memories with your furniture.

Here is to more years with your pieces of furniture.

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