About Us

Our customers include a variety of commercial businesses—who typically either want to refresh their look, repair their existing furniture, or have a custom booth or seating area built for their facility—as well as homeowners who want to restore and preserve a family heirloom, give a facelift to their well-constructed furniture, or have a custom piece designed and built for their residence.

The secret to our success? We listen to our customers to gain an intimate understanding of their needs, vision and budget parameters. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, formal or casual, transitional or eclectic—or somewhere in between—Restore-It will rise to the challenge.

Our talented and diverse staff has years of experience—from designing commercial and residential spaces to restoring furniture for homes, theaters and restaurants, to creating custom car or boat interiors, motorcycle or golf cart seats, recovering RV seating, and doing sports-related upholstery, such as repairing exercise pads in fitness centers. From concept to completion, our experienced design team will use their knowledge and expertise to transform your space into a unique environment of your very own, or to restore your cherished furniture piece to enjoy for years to come.

Whatever your restoration, interior design or home accessory needs, our talented resources are ready to serve you. We specialize in blending all of the elements of design together to create a functional solution that tastefully reflects the very essence of your image or personal lifestyle . . . a design solution that truly enhances the aesthetic quality of your office, home or vehicle.