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For the untrained and uninformed, there is something to be said about beauty in aesthetics. If you knew nothing about design, the maximization of space, and the overall look of a room or area, the eye is generally drawn towards something that is put together well.

Achieving beauty is a goal in itself. It feels good to be in a room, whether it is a bedroom, a living room, or even a workplace, that is aesthetically pleasing.

It helps to improve people’s moods and make them feel generally better. For homeowners, it is having control of space and being content with where they live. For businesses, a well-designed room can improve productivity and even put customers at ease to say yes to your business.

You’d be surprised how effective having a great room is to a person’s well-being. It can be the foundation for achieving greatness and success.

This is exactly what Restore with Design does. At Restore with Design, we take current spaces and refresh them with furniture restoration, upholstery, and via our various home decors for homes and offices.

How We Restore with Design

Restore with Design has three core services that you can use for your homes and offices.

Furniture Restoration

One of Restore with Design’s pillars of service is furniture restoration. Whether commercial or residential, we can design, replicate, and repair furniture.

Apart from these, we also restore antiques, caning, and do custom woodworks all the way to finishing. We can also revitalize vintage pieces of furniture and transform them into unique pieces that will bring life into a room.


Our company prides itself on owning a comprehensive collection of upholstery fabric selections. If you are looking for a certain fabric or color, our interior design and fabric sources may have exactly what you need.

Home Decor

Decorations play an important role in the design and mood of a room. The right decor can do wonders for a person’s anxiety and stress levels.

Fortunately, Restore with Design has multiple types of decors that you can utilize for any spaces you are in.

Why Choose Restore With Design

We serve a variety of customers. From business owners who aim to refresh the look of their workspace and create custom booths or seating arrangement in their facilities, to homeowners who want to restore or preserve a family heirloom, refix certain pieces of furniture, or have custom pieces built for their homes.

Our process starts with cooperating with our customers. We work together to understand your needs for your space, and how your budget can achieve that. Rest assured though that whatever style or look you want, we can help you achieve it.

Our team consists of people who have years of design experience. Our staff have helped restore a variety of rooms ranging from commercial, residential, restaurants, theaters, car and boat interiors, and even fitness centers to name a few.

We have encountered multiple design challenges and continue to grow with each design we restore and revitalize.

Finally, the ace in the hole is how we approach each and every project. While we like to focus on the aesthetic, the other side of the coin is that we also ensure that whatever we design is functional and reflects your vision, your lifestyle, and your life.

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