Custom Furniture Painting Pros and Cons

The furniture around a person’s house is a reflection of their personality. It helps to bring forward certain aspects of yourself and make it apparent to your family and guests that visit.

Designing the right look for your furniture is also a great way to bring out a unique visual appeal that is both stunning and aesthetic. Living in a house that is designed well does wonders for a person’s well-being. It brings about a sense of balance and peace that can set up a person to have a motivated day.

The paint and finish of a furniture will eventually fade with time. This type of damaged furniture may stick out like a sore thumb in your well-designed home. Fortunately though, there is no need to just throw away these pieces of furniture.

One option that we have is custom furniture painting. There are a ton of businesses out there that offer services to repaint worn down furniture.

What is Custom Furniture Painting?

Custom furniture painting is much more than just slapping on a fresh coat of paint. The whole process starts off with assessing the piece of furniture and preparing. Initial preparations look at assessing furniture, deciding on the right paint, and giving it a good clean. If the furniture has drawers, those are taken out and worked on separately.

Next up is sanding. The previous finish of the furniture needs to be stripped away. If paint is placed on a surface that has finish, it will not have anything to properly grab on to.

The third step is applying a primer. This coating is the final one placed before paint. It allows for the protection of the wood as well as a better surface for the paint to latch on to.

After applying primer, we revisit it again with more sanding. This helps to have that professional look and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Then comes the painting. Remember though that depending on the material of the furniture, the type of paint and the techniques used vary.

The final step is an optional one. It is called sealing and it is the process of applying wax for some additional protection and a glossy surface. Some people would opt to just leave the painted furniture out to dry for a day.

Before you head out and enlist these services, it may be worth your while to check on the pros and cons of custom furniture painting.

Pros of Custom Furniture Painting

A Revitalized Look

The furniture made back in the day was of another caliber. In all honesty, furniture made many years ago had a long-lasting vitality. This meant that even after so many years, it was still sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Nowadays though, furniture tends to decay much more quickly. Rather than just throwing it out, going for custom furniture painting allows worn-down furniture to get a much needed revitalized look. It feels like a facelift that ensures your furniture stays relevant and usable.

Cost Saver and Environmentally Friendly

With furniture quickly decaying, many people often find it easier to just throw these pieces of furniture by the wayside and pick up new ones.

However, the much more affordable and environmentally friendly option is to just custom paint the furniture. In terms of costs, people are sure to save more money with custom furniture painting. Furthermore, if people were to keep on buying new furniture, then it would create a continuous cycle of throwing away and buying new furniture.

In the long run, this really eats through a person’s expenses. This could be money saved for various other important and even emergency costs.

Not only does going for painting save on costs, it also serves to save the environment. The amount of new materials and processes included in the creation of furniture do contribute to damaging the environment.

Retrying Designs

If you somehow don’t like the way your furniture has been painted, you need not worry. It is possible to repaint furniture that has already been painted on.

One of the biggest problems with repainting furniture is that people tend to get impatient. The whole process of cleaning, sanding, adding primer, up until the end must be done again before applying a new coat of paint.

Impatience will result in a paint job that you won’t encourage people to look at too closely for fear of them seeing the problematic areas.

However, if you have enough effort and elbow grease in you, you can try out different looks and paints in order to have it fit your vision.

Cons of Custom Furniture Painting

A Learned Skill

Even with the process outlined, custom furniture painting is a skill that needs to be studied and learned. It is not enough to just go about the process blind. If the look of the furniture is important to you, you need to know what you are doing. Trust us when we say that YouTube video tutorials aren’t enough as well.

If you just attack your furniture with a brush and paint, chances are it’ll turn into something that you’ll just want to throw away.

Seek out the help of professionals for all your repainting decisions. If you’d like, you could also enlist their services and learn from them instead.

Problems Don’t Fade

If your furniture has had surface problems in the past, you need to know that they will still be there after the repainting. These problems include things like bubbling and extreme peeling. Even if you repaint those wooden surfaces, upon closer inspection, those problems will come back to haunt you.

If this is a dealbreaker for you, chances are that custom furniture painting isn’t for you.

Repaint and Revitalize

Custom furniture painting is a sure fire way to revitalize the look of any of the furniture that you use. If you think that your furniture is starting to look a tad dreary and it needs a quick pick me up, then repainting may be the option for you.

Many people are now getting into the habit of painting furniture. It is turning into a hobby that people use to pass the time. It can even turn into a new business venture.

Remember though that much like any skill, repainting furniture needs a lot of knowledge, practice, and patience. If you aren’t up for the DIY side of things, there are a ton of great custom furniture painting services out there that you can utilize.

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