What People Are Asking?

Here are some examples of what people are asking:

“Hello how much does it typically cost to upholster 2 chairs and an ottoman. I purchased parakeets, and they chewed up the fabric. I would like to stain the furniture as well. Is it better for I to get it stained first then bring it in? I am not sure what type of budget to work with, but these old chairs are well built.”

“You have done upholstery for me before and I was very happy! I would like to make an appointment to come select fabric to recover a chair.”

“Hi! I've got a wooden chair that has a seat cushion and lumbar pillow I'd like to have recovered. I'd like a quote. Do I need to bring the items to you? Can you do a quote based on photos and measurements? Thank you!”

“We have a large wingback chair that we are considering updating. Do you provide estimates prior to seeing the furniture? The measurements are
Height 38"
Width 44"
Depth 42"
Cushion thickness 6"
I can send a picture, if helpful. Thanks!”

“Hello! I am looking to have 14 office chairs reupholstered. Are you able to give me a quote for labor? They would need ~1 yard of fabric per chair. I am able to send pictures, if needed. Thank you!”

“I have a chair I would like to restore. Please let me know if I can bring it by to discuss options. Thanks!”

“WE have a bedroom suite that was custom made for us many years ago. The headboard is 90"" H x 66"" W. It is wood except for the very center which measures 38 5/8"" H x 60 1/4"" W. It is open and was made to put a curtain in it. I would like to get a wooden panel made to put in that space. Are you interested in doing something like that? I also have 2 sofas (one is a hide a bed) . I would like to get a price on having them recovered, Myron and Bonita Bradburn”

“Hello! We are a family from North Manchester looking to have our late Grandmother's couch restored. Looking for options and pricing in the area. Would be happy to send photos! Thanks! Kyle”

“We have an off white leather sofa made by Ashley, that is in need of one cushion section needing recovered, as well as the adjoining arm rest. This sofa is not bonded leather, and it has been re-cushioned on two occasions. Once about a year after purchase the seat cushions collapsed, and again they were replaced. Currently the cushions are in good shape, but the leather top seat panel on one end is in need of replacement.”

“I have a 4 piece sectional and the back of my couch is broken and sit very low now will you b able to fix that is so how much would that be”

“Good Afternoon, we moved a desk for a tax company and it received some minor damages. I can send a picture for you to get a better idea, but are you available to repair it and if so, what kind of time line are you looking at? Thanks!”

“Hello, I would like a quote on repairing my leather couch cushion. Thank you.”

“Do you restuff loveseats that have zippers? Thanks”

“Hello, I am doing some price shopping for a few pieces I'd like to have reupholstered in the near future. I realize there are several variables with fabric selection and project complexity but for the purpose of giving a general quote for price shopping would you be able to consider "average" fabric costs for me and quote based on some pictures?”

“Do u guys rebuild dresser drawers? I have my grandmas dresser and would like to re do it but it’s missing three of the drawers please let me know”

“Good evening, I have a an oversized recliner that has recently been broken. It will lean to the side and the footrest will not stay up anymore. It is the mechanics that are bent and broken. Is this something your company may be able to fix? Thank you for your time. Amanda Patterson”

“I have 2 identical Flexsteel swivel, rocking recliners. The fabric, bases and mechanisms are good, but the padding in the seats and backs need replaced- can this be done?”

“Trying to get someone to make a drawer for one of my pieces and make two missing wood pieces on another and looking for someone to put keyholes in two corbels I have to hang them. If this is something that you could help with please let me know thank you.”

“Hello! This is my second attempt to contact you about wanting to refinish my kitchen table and I have questions about a previous restoration. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!”

“Refinish table and chairs”

“Do you do cane seat repair?”

“Hello! Interested in having my kitchen table restored and have questions about a previous restoration. Thank you!”

“I am wanting to reupholster 2 identical chairs and refurbish using organic latex foam cushions, and corresponding organic batting, etc. i also have fabric picked out. So really, i would need labor. If you have a source for the foam, batting, etc then you can provide a quote to include those materials as well. I do not see a way to attach photos. So i can send when you reply. Thanks”

“Hello, I have a wooden kitchen chair, and the glue is no longer holding the legs and rungs in place. How much would it cost to re-glue one wooden kitchen chair? Thanks! ”

“Good evening, I have 4 poker chairs that I would like to have reupholstered (possibly in a leather or faux leather). But open to a fabric depending on price. Would you be able to provide me an estimate to have these reupholstered? Comparing the different materials. I can provide a phone of the chairs if needed. Thanks, Lauren”

“We had 3 pieces of mid-century bedroom furniture restored after a fire last year. I would like to speak with someone about that if possible. Thank you!”

“I have an old wooden chair that needs to be re-glued. I tried your phone number and was told your number was no longer in service. Please let me know if you are.”

“I have a leather recliner that is ripped at the head position.”

“My dog just ripped a giant strip out of my couch - I am wondering if it can be repaired? Thanks!”

“Just wondering if you guys do cabinet painting/restorations? It’s old pressed wood that is chipping and I wanted it repaired (the chipping with wood filler or whatever) and painted. I planned to do it myself but I just found out I am pregnant and I’m not really wanting to be around the chemicals/paint, etc. I can also send pictures! Just want to know if that is something you will do and an estimate of price 🙂 Thank you!”

“We have a coych that measures 7' from edge to edge on the cushions and a little wider on back. It has a kick-out on both ends. What would be base cost to recover.”

“Have used you in the past and liked working with you. Have another job for you -”

“Looking at have 2 ladies recliners repaired. The seat and lower cushions replaced, chairs tightened and possibly the material on bottom replaced. Can you give me an estimate?”

“I have a home climbing wall and I'm looking for scrap foam to make a "padding pillow" under the wall. I just wondered if you might have scrap foam material (preferably dense/firm)? Thank you for your time.”

“Im looking to get a quote on a couple couch cushions. The couch im looking at is a sofa bed and is missing the cushions. The couch it’s self is 70 wide x 35 deep and 27 tall.”

“I do chair recaning and I would like to know if you carry supplies for redoing pressed cane chairs. If so, could I purchase some 1/2", 18" wide material?”

“We moved a customer and some items were damaged. We need an estimate to get those repaired. I can send photos via email or give you the customer's info.”

“Good morning, I have a few pieces of furniture that were banged up during a move and I was wondering if you were available to fix them up? I can send over photos, mostly wood/paint damage. Thanks!”

“I have my grandmother’s rocker and one of the rockets broke off. I do not have the piece. It has a little bit of upholstery that I would like replace too. I can send pictures if that would help”

“How much would you charge to paint a currently stained large buffet and hutch. Also to paint an oak oval dining and change the stain on the table top. Also to paint 6 chairs.”

“I’ve trying to reach you. I have three pCS of furniture that I’d like to have recovered. Are you able to let me know by this evening if your available to do them”

“Hi there, we are looking for someone to repair a recliner that we have. The mechanics no longer work, and it is a relatively new recliner. Is this something you can do, and if not, can you recommend someone that does this? Thank you!”

“I am recovering my outside cushions and need a seam sewn across the center of each custhion (4) that my machine will not sew properly. Do you do this kind of job and if so how do I contact you for a quote?”

“When we moved a customer, some of the furniture was damaged. Looking for an estimate to see what can be repaired and how much it would be. I can send pictures if need be.”

“Hi I have a large club chair & ottoman that needs recovered. I purchased fabric for it and would like a quote. Thank you.”