What People Are Asking?

Here are some examples of what people are asking:

“I have a home climbing wall and I'm looking for scrap foam to make a "padding pillow" under the wall. I just wondered if you might have scrap foam material (preferably dense/firm)? Thank you for your time.”

“Im looking to get a quote on a couple couch cushions. The couch im looking at is a sofa bed and is missing the cushions. The couch it’s self is 70 wide x 35 deep and 27 tall.”

“I do chair recaning and I would like to know if you carry supplies for redoing pressed cane chairs. If so, could I purchase some 1/2", 18" wide material?”

“We moved a customer and some items were damaged. We need an estimate to get those repaired. I can send photos via email or give you the customer's info.”

“Good morning, I have a few pieces of furniture that were banged up during a move and I was wondering if you were available to fix them up? I can send over photos, mostly wood/paint damage. Thanks!”

“I have my grandmother’s rocker and one of the rockets broke off. I do not have the piece. It has a little bit of upholstery that I would like replace too. I can send pictures if that would help”

“How much would you charge to paint a currently stained large buffet and hutch. Also to paint an oak oval dining and change the stain on the table top. Also to paint 6 chairs.”

“I’ve trying to reach you. I have three pCS of furniture that I’d like to have recovered. Are you able to let me know by this evening if your available to do them”

“Hi there, we are looking for someone to repair a recliner that we have. The mechanics no longer work, and it is a relatively new recliner. Is this something you can do, and if not, can you recommend someone that does this? Thank you!”

“I am recovering my outside cushions and need a seam sewn across the center of each custhion (4) that my machine will not sew properly. Do you do this kind of job and if so how do I contact you for a quote?”

“When we moved a customer, some of the furniture was damaged. Looking for an estimate to see what can be repaired and how much it would be. I can send pictures if need be.”

“Hi I have a large club chair & ottoman that needs recovered. I purchased fabric for it and would like a quote. Thank you.”